Grand Central Style Team Creates DIY Halloween Costumes

Story and photos by GC Style & Beauty team

It’s that time of year again! Trying to find the perfect Halloween costume can be exciting but also stressful. As a college student, one of the best ways to come up with a costume is to just do it yourself. You spend less money and get to add your own style to it. The style and beauty team got together and came with quick and easy DIY costumes perfect for you.

Sandy from “Grease” 

Materials needed:

  • Leather Jacket
  • Black off-the shoulder crop top
  • Black pants
  • Red or black shoes
  • Red lipstick

STEP 1: Get a cute pair of High-waisted black pants or leggings. Sandy adds a black belt to hers with a gold detail, but this isn’t necessary.

STEP 2: Get a black off the shoulder top. Find one at store like Forever 21 or H&M or use something similar you already own.

STEP 3: Next if you have a black leather jacket, add that to your look to top of the Sandy outfit.

STEP 4: Once you have your outfit together it’s time for hair and makeup. For hair create big loose curls by using a wand curling iron. For makeup do a natural look with a bold eye. Put on some red lipstick and your look is complete!

Photo courtesy of Jenna Boulter

Pennywise from “It”

Materials needed:

  • Tulle
  • Choker
  • Tutu
  • Red eyeliner
  • Red puff balls
  • White tube-top

STEP 1: Cut the tulle into 6-inch, thin pieces. Cover the whole choker by tying each piece onto it and put it on.

STEP 2: Glue or safety pin each red puff ball onto your shirt to create buttons for the costume.

STEP 3: Cut up the tutu to make it look as if it was torn up. This isn’t necessary for the costume, but it gives it more detail.

STEP 4: For the makeup, create red lines starting from above each eyebrow and connecting to each corner of your smile. Use red lipstick to complete the look.

STEP 5: Tie your hair into two buns on top of your head. If you’d like, you can use red hairspray to make it look like clown hair.


Photo courtesy of Janna Salimovic


Materials needed:

  • Fishnet tights
  • Red suspenders
  • Firefighter hat
  • Black shorts
  • White crop top

No steps needed! Just get the materials and throw it on to be the perfect firefighter.

Photo courtesy of Alexis Thompson

Lilo from “Lilo and Stitch” 

Materials needed:

  • 1-2 yards of green fabric
  • 1-1.5 yards of elastic band
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil or piece of chalk
  • Scissors

STEP 1: Lay the fabric down on a flat surface

STEP 2:Starting from the edge of the fabric, take the chalk or pencil and draw a leaf going down. Depending on how long or short you want the skirt is how you’re going to draw the leaf (I did mine between 12-15 inches long).

Step 3: Using scissors, cut out the leaf outline.

Step 4: Using the outline you just cut out, place the leaf on the fabric and trace the exact outline until you have enough leafs for your skirt and cut them all out (I made about 20 leafs).

Step 5: To make the actual skirt, take the elastic ribbon and lay it on a flat surface (I used 1 yard of elastic ribbon for the skirt).

Step 6: Take a hot glue gun and and glue the top of each leaf onto the elastic ribbon. Make sure to glue the leafs close together.

Step 7: Once you glue all of the leafs on, wrap the skirt around your waist and glue the two ends to each other to put the skirt together (You can tie the ends together if you don’t want to glue them).

If you decide to make the leaf and ankle bracelets, do the exact same steps as you did to make the skirt, but accommodate the size of the leafs and elastic ribbon, to fit your wrists and ankles.

With that, just pair the shirt with a plain red shirt and your Lilo costume will be complete!

Photo courtesy of Kaylee Winter

Have a safe and fun Halloween in your DIY costumes!