Here’s the Scoop on Local Halloween Stores and This Year’s Costume Trends

Story by Grace Bolthouse and Devon Rademacher
Photo by Devon Rademacher

Halloween is in 10 days (not like we’re counting or anything). And to be honest, Grand Central gets pretty excited for the three-day affair.

While some are stocking up on pumpkins, binge watching Halloweentown or drinking apple cider to get in the mood – we decided to go shopping.

Not just for fun (okay, it was fun), but also to check out the seasonal outlets in Mount Pleasant: Spirit Halloween, Halloween Central and The Halloween Store.

Comparing the Stores
All of them are good choices for unique, popular, silly, scary and couple costumes – and they’re actually very similar in price.

The Halloween Store offers more of a selection of masks and children’s outfits, but they fall behind in accessories and adult costumes.

Spirit has a very wide array of selections – the store is jam packed with all the essentials. From the Joker to Donald Trump, Dory to Super Woman, Spirit is bound to have something on their shelves for you.

Halloween Central is perfect for the DIY-ers out there. While many of their prices are the same as competing stores, they sell a lot of individual accessories to help make your homemade outfit complete. They have crazy cool colored-contacts, too.

Suicide Squad Reign
We guessed it, you guessed it, your mom guessed it and these stores confirmed it.

Harley Quinn is taking the cake as the most popular women’s costume. Joker wins as the most popular men’s costume. Together they’re going to be the most popular couple’s costume.

The Harley Quinn costume at Spirit Halloween has become so popular that three sizes of the costume has sold out online.

Other Trends
Halloween Central employee Robin Renaud said cops and cats have been staying popular with women.

“Cops are always popular, because everyone looks good in black,” Renaud said.

Men, she said, tend to stick with gag costumes. You may see some priests with a flask bible, Harambe or even a baby.

Other outfits that have become popular are related to Finding Dory, Pokemon Go and anything Marvel.

Couple Costumes
From peanut butter and jelly to cops and robbers, you are bound to find a perfect couple costume this Halloween. Pikachu and Ash are a classic, as well as Batman and Robin. Have a little fun with the soap and loofah, or take it back a notch with Minnie and Mickey.

Make this Halloween all your own with a twist on a classic or something completely new. There is a store near you with all the essentials, so check them out. Do it yourself or purchase your favorite, but either way, we hope you have a stylish, safe, and amazing Halloween.

Happy (almost) Halloweekend, Chips!