Here’s What Volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega is Really Like

Alpha Phi Omega is busy preparing upcoming projects such as Relay for Life this Saturday, April 9,  and beginning extensive work on next year’s “March is Reading Month” bookmarks.

Relay for Life draws many students and community members alike for a large fundraising event. APO will have their own table at Relay for Life where their main sources of fundraising will be lap bracelets (instead of the traditional beads) and a four-foot-tall Connect Four game.

For APO, March is a fun month – it’s reading month for elementary kids. The organization likes to volunteer their time by creating works of art to give the students at local schools.

Even though March has come and gone, members still produce hundreds of bookmarks to hand out around the area. Coloring all that paper while participating in campus events and other volunteering opportunities makes it easy for members to begin preparations a year in advance.