A Noteworthy Binge: Supernatural

“Supernatural” is a cult favorite that follows the life of the Winchester family and their adventures hunting monsters, ghosts, demons and gods throughout the United States.

Brothers, Sam and Dean, follow stories of strange murders throughout many places known or unknown. The story lines are often of local legends or myths that members of the community create and many of these stories are documented. But, Sam and Dean seem to only show up when the blood, or lack there of, is noticeable.

Dean is the older of the two brothers. He views himself as the protector and will always try and keep the darkness away from his “Sammy.” Sam is the book worm, and when Dean is giving him a hard time or making jokes, Sam’s nose is always buried deep in his latest read. He isn’t a great fighter, but he will sacrifice himself if it comes down to it.

The brothers didn’t start this quest for the unusual over night. They were bred for this from the moment their mother died.

Dean and Sam lost their mom just after Sam was born. She was killed by an unknown person or creature that their father dedicates his entire life to finding.

Their father traveled around the country in search of what killed his wife while Sam and Dean were along for the ride. Due to this Sam and Dean grew up in the wake of destruction and on the inside of motel rooms in back woods America. They grew up without a stable family, and as the viewer, we are forced to question their family dynamic and see where it all went wrong.

The first season is dark and the content actually is aimed to scare or creep out the viewer. Under all of the creepy story lines, there is a continuous plot that carries on until the end of season five. The story isn’t all family drama and creatures of the night – the creators also throw in some humorous episodes to keep the viewers intrigued.

“Supernatural” isn’t all about the brothers, and other characters are introduced along the way such as fan favorites Castiel, Jo, Crowley and Bobby. These people expand the cast and introduce more depth with a sprinkle of sass.

“Supernatural” was recently renewed for a twelfth season on the CW, and as long as the fans continue to watch, the series will be green-lighted. Netflix currently has 10 seasons ready to stream. With 24 episodes in nearly every season, which is sure to take up some of your extra time.

Shows similar to “Supernatural” are “Vampire Diaries,” “Grimm,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Arrow.”

Cast: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins.