Home beauty remedies

Have you ever been so stressed out and tired that you just absolutely needed a good spa treatment, only to realize that the average facial rounds about $50 and over $100 for a full treatment? Yikes!

With all that considered, if you multiply that by 12 for each month of the year, you’d be paying roughly $1,800. For that amount, you could purchase a decent used car straight from the lot.

While some people can afford to spend a few thousand a year on beauty treatments, many of us cannot. Why would you want to spend that much when there are homemade remedies you can use instead?

We all like facials and here are a few good tips. Avocados the best fruit to have around because not only are they super healthy and rich in vitamins, they can work wonders in other ways. Avocados are really fatty in the best way possible and have extreme hydrating properties that can even diminish wrinkles!

For a super moisturizing face mask try this:

– One peeled avocado

– One tablespoon of honey

– Mix together, apply to your face, and let it stand for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water (slightly warm).

If you’re looking for something to help with getting rid of dead skin, you might like this:

– Two tablespoons smashed avocado

– One tablespoon of orange juice

– One tablespoon of lemon juice

– Mix the ingredients together until they form a creamy paste, apply to face (do not put on your eyes), leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Here’s a tip for dealing with the avocados, although they’re pretty soft and malleable but it works better if you dice them before trying to mash them. For an added touch with either of the facial treatments above, remember cucumbers are great for reducing the swelling/bags under the eyes.

As far as foot care goes it’s pretty simple. White vinegar and/or epsom salt work wonders. Both are great for soothing achy and tired feet. Epsom is an oldie but goodie in terms of fatigued muscles and also works well as a soothing bath (feel free to add chamomile and/or lavender).

For a nice relaxing foot soak try this:

– One cup of epsom salt

– One cup of white vinegar

– Half a cup of lavender petals or a few drops of essential lavender oil

– Mix your blend together with hot or warm water in a large foot tub, and enjoy!

Is there anything for acne in the realm of home remedies? Of course there is and you’ve had it in your kitchen all along — tomatoes! The acid in tomatoes is perfect for helping dry acne right up and out of your skin.

You could go for the simplicity and slice the tomato and lay it right on that ‘not so sweet spot’ or you can mash it up into a paste-like consistency, and apply to your face like a mask, leaving it on for roughly 10 minutes. You should repeat your tomato facial often, try to stick to once or twice a week as to not stress out your skin.

Now that you’ve got these extreme money saving home remedies, not only will your pockets be happy but so will you. Feel free to take a day and unwind with a glass of your favorite drink and indulge in all these home treatments for that spa day that you deserve.