HOW TO: DIY Game Day Style

For CMU students, game day means two things: maroon and gold. Looking for ways to bring a new twist to the school’s classic colors? To stand out from the crowd, try one of these ideas:

Take your old CMU T-shirt to the next level by spraying it with clear hairspray and then throwing maroon or gold glitter at it. Highlight certain aspects of the shirt (only covering the letters CMU, for instance) or toss glitter over the entire thing for a look that sparkles under the stadium lights.

Get creative with scissors. Cut a few strategically placed holes in the sides of your shirt and lace maroon or gold ribbon through the holes. Or simply cut the collar and edges of the sleeves off for an unfinished look. Fringe is especially huge this season and easy to do- cut the bottom of your T-shirt into long vertical strips, slide a maroon bead on the end and knot for a trendy look.

Grab a bunch of friends and make a party out of it. For $20, you can get a pack of 10 plain white Ts and enough art supplies to outfit a small army. Get together before the game and have fun making crazy T-shirts. Spell out “FIRE UP CHIPS”, “CHIPPEWAS”, or simply “CMU” in paint with each person taking a letter.  Or tailor your shirt to the game- “SMASH THE SPARTANS” or “BOO HOO MSU” would make great slogans for the back of a T-shirt.

Find a pair of old tennis shoes at a secondhand store (Converse, Keds, or any other kind of low shoe would work great) and turn them into mini mascots. Spray paint them maroon and gold, write “CHIPS” on the side in Sharpie.

There is no such thing as over the top when it comes to college football, and the possibilities of things you could make or wear are endless. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun-it’s game day! Fire Up Chips!