How to: Dress for Tailgating

Football season is upon us, which means tailgating is back. Showing off school spirit is a must – but sporting a a comfortable-yet stylish look is also important. Sound difficult? Here are some ideas to incorporate into your own style to assure you’ll be ready come game day.

The T-shirt

The staple clothing item of tailgating is a CMU t-shirt. Add your personal style to any tee by making it a crop top or cutting it to add fringe or change the shape.

Feeling creative? Turn one of your old t-shirts into a dress. Cut the top part of the shirt so the design can be used on the dress. Buy some fabric that matches the shirt and sew it on to create a good dress length. To add some shape to the dress, braid some maroon and gold fabric to make a belt and tie it around your waist.

Dress Weather Appropriate 

As temperatures start to drop, you’ll want to swap your shorts for jeans or leggings. Jersey-style shirts and maroon and gold scarves are a great way to keep team spirit alive while still being warm.

Accessorize with Maroon and Gold

Accessories can go a long way. Maroon and gold beads are not only cheap, but they go with everything. Make friendship bracelets with your roommates by using any extra fabric you have from cutting up t-shirts.

As for hair, bows are a great option. They are functional because they help keep hair out of your face and give you another way to show off your maroon and gold pride.

Don’t be Top Heavy

You may be feeling like the top of your body is full of school spirit – but what about the bottom half? Knee high socks are a great option. Put on a pair of low-top sneakers and you’ll be comfortable enough to stand all game.