HOW TO: Dress like a character from ‘Pitch Perfect’

Although the movie “Pitch Perfect” has been out for a while, it is still a favorite among many people. The songs, dancing, and clothes obviously are reasons why it is still creating so much buzz.

Beca has more of a “grunge” style. To get this look you’ll need a maroon tank top paired with a grey vest. The vest is very casual. You could even make one out on old sweatshirt, if you’d like! Her vest does have some maroon stitching in it to go with the maroon tank top. Wear a dark pair of jeans, a black pair of combat boots and one thick black bracelet.

For your hair you can leave it natural (or add a few waves if you have straight hair) and pull half of it up. Beca wears dark makeup, so go for a smoky eye to complete the look. This outfit can be worn to class or hanging out with friends.

If you’re looking for a preppy look, then Aubrey has the outfit for you. Wear a dress with a Peter Pan collar on it. Any color will do, but Aubrey’s is pink. If you can’t find a dress, throw on a shirt with a Peter Pan color and pair it with a matching skirt. Wear a matching pair of high heels.

For your hair, leave it down and curly. Aubrey wears very little makeup, so just wear enough to make your eyes stand out. This outfit is perfect for many occasions, including class, a family party, or a class presentation if you have to dress up.

Need a look to wear to the gym? Fat Amy has you covered! Wear an old tie-dye T-shirt with black yoga pants. Put on a pair of running shoes and pull your hair up into a ponytail. Wearing a sweatband around your head is optional. While this look is ideal for the gym, it could also be worn on a lazy day in your apartment.

The ladies of “Pitch Perfect” have more styles covered, including girly, business attire, and many more outfit inspirations. Find what styles fits you best and channel your inner a capella star.