How To: Dress to Avoid Getting Pinched This St. Patrick’s Day

We all know the rule when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day – you must wear green or try your luck attempting not to get pinched.

Luckily, you can avoid this painful tradition by pulling out some basic (but stylish) items from your closet.

Often the first thing that we reach for when picking out St. Patrick’s Day attire is the cliché “Kiss me, I’m Irish” shirt, striped green socks or a few quirky pins.

While wearing the color green is an old tradition, nothing says you have to be cliché. So no matter what your plans are, look festive in your own way with these tips.

A night out on the town:

Whether you’re in it for the green beer or just looking to have an entertaining night out with friends, it’s always fun to spruce up your outfit for the night with a few touches of green. By wearing a statement piece, like a blazer or cardigan, and adding a few green accessories, like rings or bracelets, you’ll instantly feel ready for a night out at the pub.

Staying in:

If you’ve decided to stay in with your friends this St. Patrick’s Day, something more casual is in order. Pairing a long green sweater with leggings and a few fun pins is a perfect look for a night in that will help you to avoid that awful pinch.

Showing your school spirit:

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who has to attend school on this holiday, something subtle but fun will help to add to your outfit and keep you in the spirit until you can partake in the nighttime festivities. A green lace tank top layered with a leather jacket will give you a fun and edgy look that can easily transform from day to night.


(Photo Illustration via Polyvore)