How to: Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Winter Break

We are the modern day college students. We have classes, we have meetings, we have study sessions and we pull all-nighters. Our ability to multitask is truly remarkable.

For most of us, relaxation doesn’t exactly make its way into our routine. But, after finals, we finally get our much-deserved break. This is our moment to disconnect from the madness and take back our lives. It’s our time to find our passion again and get back to what makes us happy.

Here are some ways to kick back and relax over winter break.

Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate

Yes, chocolate. Who knew eating chocolate was actually healthy? Eating a small piece of dark chocolate is actually proven to stop the production of stress hormones. So, during your break, enjoy some delicious chocolate and your stress will melt away.

Sleep – As much as you can.

This may not be a familiar concept after the week of finals you have just endured. But one important task this break is to work on restoring your sleep routine. Getting eight hours of sleep will make a world of difference for your energy level. Not to mention, your body will thank you for finally giving it the rest it needs after all of your all-nighters.

Find a good book.

Immerse yourself in a great love story or get lost in a drama. No matter what it is, dedicating your time to a good book will help you get away from reality and relax for a few hours a day.


Laughter reduces stress and blood pressure. Spend time with your friends and family and just laugh. Doing what makes you happy with the people that make you happy should be your top priority this winter break.

So, try to make this a priority on your to-do list. Relaxation needs to be your top priority, then you can plan and prepare for next semester. But, do the fun stuff first.