How To: Survive Finals Week Starting Now

Finals week is right around the corner. In just two short weeks, Central Michigan University’s campus will be quiet with students studying and taking exams.

Surviving finals week can be tough for those who procrastinate or have a lot on their plate at the end of the semester.

So, here are some easy tips that can help just about anyone get through finals this semester.

Plan Ahead

As a college student, it can be difficult to take yourself away from everything fun that is going on campus. But, if you just get your work done early, it will make for an easier and less stressful exam week.

When the week finally comes around, you won’t have any final projects to work on and you’ll be able to relax and add in small breaks everyday.

Along with this, try to get studying done in advance. This will prohibit cramming for an exam the night, or even a few hours before.

Finally, asking for help before an exam isn’t a sign of defeat. If you’re confused about what is going on in a class, head to your professors office hours or go to study sessions. Asking for help in advance will benefit you more than waiting until the week of the exam.

Bottom line is, plan ahead.

Stay Healthy

It is so important to make sure you are staying healthy in the weeks approaching exams.

Start by eating healthy. This can be hard because while studying, you’ll most likely want to grab something quick and easy, which normally means junk food.

According to Time, this will leave you exhausted and ultimately slow down your studying. Eating healthy will stimulate your brain to get you ready for exams and taking time out of your day for a quick workout can also help stimulate your brain and make you feel more alert throughout the day.

Staying healthy also includes finding a sleeping schedule that works. Avoid staying up late studying or hanging out with friends. Finding a sleep schedule now will help you feel less tired during exams.

Also avoid trying to pull all nighters to study, these will only leave you feeling tired the next day and cramming actually leads to you remembering less for the big exam.

Stay Away From Social Media

While it is unrealistic for college students to completely stay off social media for the next three weeks, limiting time on Facebook and Twitter can keep you from procrastination.

Setting up little breaks between studying will allow your brain to take a break from school and you can catch up on what you missed over the past hour. Social media is just a distraction when it comes to studying and will only lead to more time being taken away from important things.

Finals week can seem impossible, but anyone can accomplish a strong finals week by putting into practice these easy techniques.

Set aside worries and nerves and remember the week will be over as soon as it started.