This Natural Oil is Leaving your Kitchen Cabinet and Becoming a Beauty Essential

Coconut oil, long used in cooking and baking as a healthier substitute for vegetable oil, has recently entered bathroom cabinets of women and men everywhere.

This natural oil is soft, smells good and contains no additives or harmful chemicals. Plus, a jar lasts anywhere from a  few months to a year without going bad, so you get more bang for your buck.

But this natural product has multiple benefits with its uses – here are a few.

Lotion/Body Oil

Coconut oil keeps skin moisturized throughout the entire day, leaving a smooth and shimmery finish with an amazing scent.

So, swap out your expensive body lotions and buy a jar of coconut oil instead. Apply the oil to skin after a shower to lock in the moisture and have soft skin all day long.

Shaving Cream

Throw away that shaving cream that only dries out skin – coconut oil is a better substitute.

For a better and closer shave, coat the desired area and follow your regular routine. The oil will lock in moisture leaving your legs silky smooth.


Yet another reason to keep a jar of coconut oil in your shower – to condition your hair!

Coconut oil locks in the natural oils in your hair and adds its own healing powers, leaving hair soft all day. For best results, apply the oil at the beginning of your shower routine (away from the roots) and let it sit for the remainder of your shower time. Rinse completely to avoid hair looking greasy.


A little bit of oil goes a long way, so use this coconut goodness sparingly.

Just add some a small-dose of oil to frizzy areas to rock smooth, chic shine all day. Warning: too much can cause for a greasy residue on your ‘do.

Makeup Remover

No more $5 packages of makeup wipes!

Coconut oil doesn’t irritate the face, yet completely removes makeup. Just use a cotton swab or tissue paper along with the oil and take off whatever you need.

Lip Balm/Lipgloss

Keeping lips shiny and smooth during the cold months can be tough, but coconut oil really helps.

It adds the perfect amount of shine when you first put it on your lips and lasts throughout the day. The coconut oil dissolves into a  lip balm-like moisture on your pout.