How to: Survive Winter Break in Mount Pleasant

It has finally arrived.

The long-awaited winter break for Central Michigan University students. A month full of relaxing, spending time with family and old friends and most importantly – not doing homework.

Unfortunately, for some students staying in Mount Pleasant, winter break may not be filled with as much joy. As many students know, even given its name, Mount Pleasant isn’t always so pleasant.

But things change when nearly half of the city’s population departs for an entire month. Campus closes and Main Street parties are practically nonexistent, there’s no longer a crowd at the Student Activity Center or anxiety-ridden students rushing around Park Library.

Mount Pleasant might even become, dare we say, lonely?

On the bright side, the roads are so seemingly empty that it might actually be safe to cross Mission Street without risking injury.

Luckily, there is hope for those sticking around campus. If you’re staying in town over winter break, check out some of the hidden gems of Mount Pleasant:

1. The Sledding Hill

The sledding hill off of Pickard and Harris Street is a classic winter spot in Mount Pleasant. Although, beware. While the hill is a fun spot, you may pass by the “haunted” Mount Pleasant Center for the criminally insane, so make sure to take a few friends with you. Gather a group, bundle up and grab a sled. You’ll enjoy the adventure and winter sunlight at no expense.

2. Bowling at Riverwood Resort

Long day at work? Just bored on the couch? Either way, bowling at Riverwood Resort is always a great late night option for a round of drinks and a fun time with friends. Strike out with more than 20 of your favorite beers on tap, including seasonal varieties. Offering daily specials on lanes, shoes, drinks and appetizers, Riverwood will accommodate your needs to stay warm and be merry.

3. Mount Pleasant Hot Yoga

Need a detox after a long, stressful semester and a place to stay warm? Consider checking out Mount Pleasant Hot Yoga. If you’ve never tried hot yoga, this break is the perfect time. Just two years ago, the studio opened up in downtown Mount Pleasant and warmly welcomes new members. If you’re a little nervous about your first hot yoga experience, no worries. New members can sign up for two weeks of unlimited hot yoga for only $20. This form of yoga provides a great opportunity to stretch your muscles and relax your mind before the start of a new semester.

4. Twelve17 Coffee Roasters

Bringing you the freshest cup of coffee in town, Twelve17 Coffee Roasters could be your newest hang out spot. Located inside Grace Church on Mission Street, Twelve17 is a place for people of all backgrounds to come together in the name of coffee. Specializing in loose-leaf teas and traditional coffee beverages, even the pickiest person can find something to enjoy. But wait, it gets better — Twelve17 does’t charge, the shop simply requests small donations for each drink, and the profits go toward local and global compassion efforts. If this isn’t a win-win, we don’t know what is.

5. Open Skate at Isabella Community Events Arena

We know you need an excuse to get up off of the couch sometimes – we do too. If you have a hot date, consider breaking the ice (pun intended) at Isabella Community Events Arena. Located right in Mount Pleasant, the rink offers open skate for $4 and skate rental for $2.50 throughout winter break.