Top Holiday Accessories for Men

As you prepare to spend time with old friends, family and loved one during the holidays, you should also be preparing your wardrobe.

Dressing to impress is important this time of year, so men, we’ve got you covered.

Ties and bow ties

Ties and bow ties are classic favorites during the holiday season because both grandma the new girlfriend love them. Ties are very traditional, while bow ties are their fun, quirky cousin. Both ties and bow ties can be found in festive designs, such as Fair Isle and Christmas prints, as well as bright colors, stripes and plaid.


A nice watch is something to be appreciated. What does “nice” really mean? Well, since we are college students, we can rule out diamond encrusted or gold plated.

Think about “nice” in terms of timeless. A sterling silver or stainless steel watch from a premium brand, such as Michael Kors or Kenneth Cole, with an impressive, professional face plate gives off the classy-yet-fashionable vibe. Even better, it won’t be out of style for next year’s Christmas.


Be it formal or casual, hats have the potential to transform any ensemble.

Flat caps and ascot hats are popular for formal wear, while beanies and baseball caps are perfect for a night out with friends you went to high school with.


Winter scarves are becoming more popular among males – especially this time of year. Both stylish and practical, consider picking up a neutral-colored scarf before heading to your next holiday outing.