Interior Design of Mount Pleasant Coffee Shops

Story and photos by Jenna Boulter 

A local coffee shop is a great place to get away from reality and escape into your studies, or even just to relax after a long day. Here’s a look into the styles and interior decor of a three coffee shops located right in downtown Mount Pleasant.

Pure Vitality Spa and Juice Bar 

Pure Vitality is Mount Pleasant’s own step into paradise.

Pure Vitality’s owner Lura Perry shares the details of Pure Vitality’s style and design process.

“The city told me I needed an architect, but I didn’t want to get one so I hired a high school student to do a CAD mockup of what I had imagined,” Perry said.

Pure Vitality took time and care to create this tropical feeling. The wall tiles around the shop were originally found in the ceiling of the original building and the family worked together to give these tiles a new look.

To achieve the rustic look of the unique wall tiles, they stripped the old paint to redo the look. Then, they gave each tile three coats of paint and carefully added details to each tile. The process took Perry and her daughter a long five months.

The ceiling lighting is made from recycled cardboard and the glass lighting is blown glass made in a store in Williamstan, MI. Many of the other decorations and furniture come from antique stores.

The design process took almost a year to complete, starting in October and officially completed the following August. The results give Pure Vitality a design that is extremely unique — a gem in Mount Pleasant.


Ponder, formerly known as Narrativality Coffee Roasters, is all about their delicious coffee and the art of  roasting coffee. This is a great place to go when you need a quiet, relaxing place to study.

This cozy, hipster-style coffee shop uses decor like wood paneling and dim lighting that gives a rustic style. Added photographs and more wooden paneling up the home away from home feel.

The combination of modern light fixtures with rustic brick walls and exposed wooden beams give the coffee shop a unique mixture of restored structures with a college-friendly feel.

Pleasant City Coffee

Pleasant City Coffee is Mount Pleasant’s quaint and quiet coffee house. It has a serene, fresh and bright atmosphere. The style of the shop mimick’s  European style cafes seen in Amsterdam or Denmark.

Owners Joshua and Rachael Agardy did all the interior work themselves, with Rachael the mastermind behind the design. She says she found inspiration from her own home and wanted to give off a warm aesthetic and positive environment. This is reflected in the white walls and clean-lined design found throughout the shop.

The shop opened in 2014, but went through a six-month design process.

Some interesting stories can be found in the interior of the shop. The star lighting came from reclaimed metal custom-made in Mexico that the couple purchased and drove back to Mount Pleasant.

“I have had customers come in that are from Europe and tell me it reminds them of a quaint coffee shop seen in any European city, ” Joshua Agardy said.

There are many different textures used: the metal by register, the wood floor, brick wall and the intricate detailed chairs. The combination of textures gives distressed, antique vibes  and when combined with the clean cut lines in the chairs and unique pieces, the feeling can be found no where else.