Isabella County Restoration House: Volunteering And Offering A Helping Hand

Story and Video by Bianca Jenkins

Isabella County Restoration House (ICRH) is a rotating shelter that allows the guest to come in and build relationships with other guests and volunteers in the shelter.

Jessie Black, a social work major from Connecticut, interns at the Isabella County Restoration House.

In the past, Black was a volunteer for two years with ICRH, and now interns there for her major as well as her love for working with the homeless population.

Black says this population is kind-hearted and hard-working, that they just need to catch a break and need a moment to get them back on their feet. In the video, Black is accompanied by Renee Benner, who is a guest of ICRH. Benner tells us a bit of her story as well as what it is like to be homeless.