It’s ‘Thyme’ to Spice Up Your Meals

Bland foods like toast, chicken and pasta can be all too unappealing after a long day on campus. But a simple fix can turn that bland meal into something better.

The simple solution is a pinch of a spice and a dash of an herb! All your cooking problems can be resolved with those shakers you once thought your mom used as kitchen decor. And, your taste buds will rejoice at this newly found flavor.

No need to live with flavorless food anymore. Try one of the spices below or combine a few to create a unique flavor. Eating should be enjoyable, so add a dash of something and put a new spin on your favorite dishes.


Known for its distinct pine-like smell and earthy flavor, this spice is perfect for chicken, salmon and soups. The leaves look pretty as a garnish for when you’re trying to achieve college gourmet.

If you are someone who likes freshly grown foods, rosemary can be grown right in the comfort of your apartment.


Add to your spice collection by growing some thyme, or even buying it dried or fresh at the grocery store.

There is a wide variety of thyme including french thyme, lemon thyme, orange thyme and silver thyme. Put this spice into your scrambled eggs, soup or simple pasta dish for more flavor.


Whether you grow it fresh or use it dried, basil will add a sweet, savory and slightly minty taste to your favorite dish.

Italian dishes commonly use basil, so try adding it into your pasta sauce the next time you eat spaghetti (for the third time this week).

For the best resulting flavor, add a dash of Basil near the end.


Most of the time cinnamon is associated with baking, but really, the possibilities are endless when using this spice.

Try sprinkling it into your oatmeal or on your toast and yogurt for some sweet flavor in the morning.

Add some flavor to your fresh fruit with a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Cayenne Pepper

Looking to add some heat to your food?

If so, Cayenne pepper is perfect for you. Instead of picking up the hot sauce, try adding in a dash of cayenne pepper while cooking instead.

We recommend adding it on pizza, eggs or in sauces.