Keeping Yourself Healthy in College

Story by Lexi Carter
Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

Staying healthy at school is extremely important, but can be hard to do sometimes. Central Michigan University offers a large range of amenities for students to make sure that they are both physically and mentally in shape. 

Foust Hall

Foust is the primary clinic and lab on campus, located on the second floor of Foust Hall. Whether you are feeling sick or have an injury, the Foust clinic strives to help students with careful examination and referrals if needed. Open year round, whether it’s an appointment or walk-in, you will be able to get checked out quickly without worrying about the hassle of trying to find a doctor in town.

Towers Clinic

Another clinic located on campus in the towers, offers many of the same services as Foust Hall. The CMU walk-in health clinic is located in Troutman 103 and open during the academic year. If Foust is a long walk from your residence hall or apartment, the Towers is easily accessible and a short walk for most students on campus.

Counseling Center

Not only does CMU offer clinics for physical ailments, but it also has a counseling center that is free for students to use. Mental health professionals and a few graduate student trainees staff the counseling center to help students deal with various issues that negatively affect them during college. Equipped to deal with a range of personal issue as well as academic success and survivor support, individuals at the counseling center are there to ensure that students are able to get the help they need and deserve.

Whether you’re coming to CMU for the first time or are unsure of what was offered, it is important to be aware of the amenities that are provided for the students to ensure that you are staying healthy. When these services are needed, be sure to take advantage of the resources that the university is offering you in order to be as healthy as possible during the school year.