Letter from the Style Editor: September’s fashion forecast

Hello, Fashionistas!

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Morgan MacDermaid, Style Editor

Well, this is it- it’s Labor Day weekend and summer is officially over. We don’t even have syllabus week to look forward to. When we come back to school after our long weekend, it’s straight to the semester: homework assignments, lectures and tests. Bleh.

The one silver lining to summer ending?


Fall means pretty skirts, cut-offs, skinny jeans, boots, scarves and sweaters. It’s the beautiful in between of summer and winter.

The one glorious time of year where you can rock one of your favorite summer tank tops one day and an oversized sweater the next.

From what I’ve seen on campus so far, students are amping up the style this year.

Here’s what I think we’ll see in September:

1. Lots of white after Labor Day. We’re college students; we don’t care.

2. (Hopefully) warm weather, so we can still utilize our favorite summer pieces. I’ve seen a few ’80s inspired high-waisted shorts on campus and I think the trendsetters will definitely continue to wear those, especially with oversized T-shirts knotted up.

3. Boots, especially for men. Female trendsetters will be showing off tiny ankle booties while guys will be donning stylish lace-up styles. Most of us, though, will be tucking our jeans and yoga pants into our favorite slouchy pairs from last fall. Boots are the chameleons of the fashion world. They go with dresses, skirts, jeans, yoga pants- everything! Plus, they’re one of the most comfortable options for walking across campus. As a person who is overly involved and spends most of the day running all over campus, I can guarantee you that I’ll be rocking boots almost daily.

What I don’t think we’ll see:

1. Fringe. I’m no expert, but I haven’t seen a single fringed item on campus. I think it might be officially out, although in a few weeks the hipsters will probably rock it.

2. Crop tops. They’re good for the club but terrible for the classroom. Let’s keep it classy, ladies.

3. Now, I’m the Style Editor- I’m not psychic. (Or psychotic. Thank you, autocorrect, for that lovely attempt at correction). Fashion is like the weather- you can make a forecast, but it’s really just a glorified guess.

Until next month,

Morgan MacDermaid