Lingerie in College: Not Just For Your Significant Other

Story by Olivia Gentile
Feature Photo by Devon Rademacher

Many women think that lingerie has to be either crazy-sexy or crazy-expensive, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be either. There are many easy and cheap alternatives to lingerie that most women don’t think about. Lingerie is all about being comfortable, cute and flirty.


Stat from Fashion United
Stat from Fashion United

Lingerie is often misconceived as something that is put on right before you have sex, worn for foreplay and then taken off before whoever you are with even gets to fully enjoy it. It can also be thought of as something only worn on special occasions, like a significant other’s birthday or for Valentine’s Day.

But why should lingerie just be for the pleasure of your significant other and/or for people in relationships?

Who says you have to wear lingerie for someone other than yourself? Looking good for yourself can make you feel sexy, increase your self-confidence and help make your day great.

No relationship is needed to get your sexy on.

Where to Buy
Among the many stores that offer cheap lingerie, a few fan-favorites are: H&M, Forever 21 and ASOS. We’ve found some cheap and super cute options.

H&M: Microfiber Hipster Briefs $10 / Balconette Bra $20

This cute blush set is the perfect secret weapon – a perfect blend of flirty and chic!

Forever 21Lace Push-Up Bodysuit $20

This bodysuit will make anyone fall at your feet! The built in bra gives you the support you need all day, and keeps you sexy until nighttime.

ASOS: Viola Linear Lace Triangle Set $30

This bralette will keep you comfortable all day while making you shine through the night!

These are just a few of the many fun options there are to pick from. Change up your everyday style in the new year by adding a pop of a bralette or bodysuit. It can be for someone else to enjoy, or yourself.