Makeup Monday: How to Master Winged Eyeliner

It’s no secret that perfecting the cat eye is no easy feat. While you might have given up after drawing miss-matched wings or creating smudges that are just plain unfixable, the key to applying winged eyeliner is practice.

Follow these simple steps to master this sleek eye look.

Step One:

Choose a liquid, pencil or stick eyeliner based on the desired thickness of your wing. For this how-to, we used Benefit’s Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Jet Black to create a thin and subtle cat eye.

Step Two:

Draw the wing first by starting from the outer corner of your eyelid and slowly dragging the liner upward to the point of your desired length. Repeat this step for the opposite eye and make sure they are the symmetrical. For more precise wings, tape off the corner of your eye before applying the eyeliner for cleaner and more dramatic lines.


Step Three:

The next step is to line the lash line and connect this line to the wing, applying in small increments. Place the pencil in the center of your lash line and trace outward until it connects to the base of the wing. Line the inner corner until it meets the center line.


Step Four:

Fill in the remaining middle section of your eye and touch up any smudges. Use a Q-tip and makeup remover to fix any mistakes, but make sure your eye is dry before reapplying. After your winged eye is complete, go over the wing once more to smooth it out.

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Step Five:

Let liquid eyeliner dry for about 30 seconds. Finally, top off the look with a bit of mascara and you’re ready for the day with the perfect cat eye.

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