New TRESemmé Collection Guarantees to Put Your Hair Back In Style

Perry Fish gives a review of the new TRESemmé dry shampoo.

You wake up in the morning and are just too tired to switch out of those sweatpants, let alone wash your hair. Sound familiar?

Luckily for college students, there’s a product that guarantees it will keep your hair clean and in style. TRESemmé’s new dry shampoo promises a solution to clean hair without water anytime.

“Just a quick spray transforms lifeless, limp hair into clean, fresh hair with full of bouncy body,” the label reads, but does it really amp up your damaged ‘do?

Actuarial science, math and statistics sophomore Shana Knake tested out the dry shampoo and said she would not only buy this product, but she would also recommend it to someone else.

“I didn’t expect using the product to be as good as showering, but I was surprised at how clean it made my hair look after I used it,” Knake said.

TRESemmé dry shampoo, as well as other products from the Fresh Start collection, are available at many local drug stores and cost around $5.

Other products included in the new collection are the fresh start no frizz crème, the refreshing mist and a waterless foam shampoo, all of which are catered towards different hair types.

When asked about the affordability of the product communications disorders sophomore Kara Booms agreed that the pricing was reasonable, but she would “probably not” buy the product for herself.

“I think it worked mildly, just not as I expected because my hair is really thick,” Booms said.

According to the official TRESemmé Web site, the products in the Fresh Start collection are formulated from mineral clay that helps remove build up, witch hazel to absorb access oil, and aloe vera to hydrate the hair.

Another benefit to the dry shampoo is the ease in which it can be used. The directions are organized into 5 easy to follow steps that break down how the product should be applied.

Consumers looking to obtain noticeably cleaner hair that looks freshly styled are instructed to spritz the roots of their hair, let the product sit for one to two minutes and then brush it out before styling their hair as usual.

Accounting sophomore Courtney Maurer thought the dry shampoo was “pretty easy to use.”

“It is a nice solution for your hair if something comes up unexpectedly and you need to get ready fast,” Maurer said.

The new Fresh Start collection from TRESemmé promises to “refresh your hair for a beautiful look between washes” and really is catered to those people that just do not have the time to wash their hair every day. College students definitely fall into this category and can put their trust in TRESemmé and that with their products, you will never go out of style.