Soundspots: Kaya

First of the Soundspots series features the Kaya.

Looking for the perfect spot to have a laid back evening? If you’re looking for that eclectic feel and a cozy couch for your night, Kaya Coffee and Tea Company might be just the fit. Couches and mismatching coffee tables adorn the making it the perfect spot to catch up on reading or with a friend. The smell of ground coffee beans only adds to the mood as customers turn pages in books and softly tap away at their keyboards. Groups congregate around the fireplace in the back room for fluid conversation and at round tables for discussion and study groups. Loners looking for a little quiet time might curl up in an armchair with a book.

“Oh, I love Kaya!” said transfer student Veronica Rohr. “With the comfortable atmosphere and coffee bag ceiling, who couldn’t love Kaya mellow feel?” All the favorite coffee house treats are posted in bright colors on black tablets, adding an artistic edge. Kaya also focuses on a personal touch with its patrons. A regular ‘photo’ might adorn the ‘Regular Joes’ board and there is always someone waiting to greet you like an old friend as you walk in.

A coffee grinder is no longer the only sound coming from Kaya Coffee and Tea Co. Each Wednesday night, Kaya plays host to Open Mic Night starting at 8 p.m. The soft melodies of Bob Dylan or Jack Johnson can be heard throughout the small cafe, while customers study and mingle. Each slot is a half hour and can be captured by anyone with (or without) an instrument and the zeal to sing. Open Mic Night will culminate in an Open Mic Night Contest and a final winner will be chosen.