OPINION: Fearing, Fretting and Dreading Graduation

Every step I take I know I get a little closer to that end day. Every step and I suddenly want to stand frozen.

I never expected 4 years to go by this fast.

I still remember the endless hugs, tears and see-you-soons as said goodbye to my parents and sister and set off on this journey.

I remember how fast the bare, unknown walls of a college dorm transformed to home. How a community of strangers suddenly became my very best friends.

I remember the sheer panic that would rush through me as I approached the first day of class. The fear of not knowing anyone, of looking like a freshman, of standing out. Little did I know, college was a world of welcoming and a place where you define whoever you want to be.

I remember the feeling of becoming; slowly shedding the anxious scared girl and creating an aurora of confidence, strength and independence. I found my clique. I fell out of my clique. I rode the rollercoaster and hit the ultimate lows and highs. I complained about dorm life, wishing I was 21, wondering what senior year would be like. Constantly yearning to be older, wiser, done.

Now, here I stand, older, wiser and with 3 months left and the very last thing I could ever want is to be done.

Everyone told me it would fly by.To savor every last moment and to live up the years. I can’t help but wonder if I did.

Would I change anything? Would I have made different friends if I joined greek life? Would I change my career path? Four years of decisions that have defined the very person I am today. Four years soon to be a figment of my past.

I’m fearing every unknown that stands in front of me. I’m fretting not ending up where I’m supposed to be. I’m dreading leaving this place I call home behind.

I thought college was a rollercoaster. A ride that I could wait to get off. What I’ve realized, and what senior year has shown me, is that, yes, college has been a rollercoaster but it has been the best damn ride of my life.