OPINION: What the SAC?

If I’m not roaming Moore Hall, studying at the Bovee University Center or attending meetings for involvement in organizations on campus, much like the rest of the student population, I like to ease my stress at the Student Activity Center. When I went to the SAC earlier this week I was excited to see the $230,000 renovations that were said to make our facilities refurnished and elite.

Well, that was not what I saw.  In fact, I didn’t notice a single change. My favorite ab crunch machine still had torn leather and the hamstring curl machine was still ripped in places that cause discomfort during use.

Built in 1990, the SAC is known as one of the finest recreational centers for students in the Midwest region. Covering 175,000 square feet, there is a bowling alley, swimming pool and courts for volleyball and basketball. So where exactly did all the money go in these extreme changes?

After a bit of research, I found that $24,000 of the renovations went to purchasing a 600-amp system for future concerts and events coming to CMU. This made me question how that benefits the students, like myself, who work out at the SAC. Not all students who work out are interested in going to the concerts on campus, therefore advertising that there was renovations to the SAC wasn’t necessarily accurate in that sense.

A few minutes of research later, there was information that the indoor track area was repainted and the racquetball courts receive refinishing on the wood floors.

These two minuscule changes appear as a large waste of money because the vast majority of students I have seen in my four years going to the SAC are using the main workout facility or the weight room downstairs- neither of which had renovating or anything impacted at a glance.

There is talk that more renovations will be underway for next summer. Let’s hope these have a bigger impact than new paint.


Photo | Danielle Duval, Photo Editor 

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