People of Central – Emily Deters

Story by Anna Konen

Photo By Madison Ingalls

Emily Deters is a kind girl who is always smiling. When she asks how your day is, she really wants to know the answer. Deters is a first year student at Central Michigan University and is studying communications and science disorders.

When asked what she wanted to do with this degree, Deters responded effortlessly.

“My dream is to work in a nursing home as a speech pathologist. I love spending time with my grandparents, hearing what they have gone through and what shaped them into the people they are today,” Deters said.

Figuring out a career was hard for Deters.  She knew she wanted to help people, as it has always been a passion of hers. Figuring out how was the problem; geriatric speech pathology was the solution.  

At CMU, Deters has tried to say yes to more things, because that’s what she believes college is all about. Even the little things like going to a concert on a school night or a secret ice cream shop, CMU has helped open her to more experiences and people. Being open is a big thing she wants to do. Another thing Deters is hoping to do is check in on other people.

“I want my stamp to be to love people more,” Deters said.

Whether this be big or little things, anything can make an impact. This is a  is a belief that Deters plans to stand by.

“If I am thinking something, I will say it to build people up, loving people by giving them a compliment or holding the door open for them,” Deters said.

From conversations with Deters, it is obvious she does love people. It’s exactly what she wants her life to be about. So learn from Deters perspective. Love people more and live your life for others.