People of Central – Emma Pufahl

Story by Kiyanna Johnson

Photo by Madison Ingalls

Days consisting of class and nights filled with homework is a constant cycle for a student who hasn’t had the opportunity to be involved on campus. It is fortunate that Central Michigan University provides multiple opportunities for students to get connected and push toward building skills for their careers.

Sophomore Emma Pufahl is one of the students on campus that got connected and took advantage of joining organizations that will make a difference toward her goals. Her major is information systems and logistics and has explained that double majoring can be difficult, however, finding that balance is crucial for survival in the college career.

“Balance has gotten better, and Google calendar has been my tool in survival. I make sure everything I’m doing is in there,” Pufahl said. “If it’s not written down, I would forget.”

Pufahl, from Hemlock, Mich., has pursued an academic fraternity called Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi is a business fraternity that develops students’ professionalism and focus going into the corporate world.

The requirements of joining Alpha Kappa Psi is similar to joining any academic fraternity. Students are placed into a rush process where they have to meet the members, complete various tasks and attend events.

“If you keep practicing, chances are you’ll get better. Alpha Kappa Psi has a way to push us to strengthen our skills,” Pufahl said.

Pufahl explained that she has already received an opportunity to intern for a company that another member worked for in the past.

“Networking is the best part. When I went to the job fair, I talked to a member from Alpha Kappa Psi that gave me an internship to work at,” Pufahl said. “It’s just a better way to be prepared for any future job I may have after.”

Pufahl believes that future students should take opportunities to join academic fraternities. Students can benefit from this and gain skills as they head into the working world.