People of Central – Kendall Holloway

Story and photo by Kiyanna Johnson

Placing your stamp on the world is Central Michigan University’s motto. Each student comes with a story and wants to fulfill a purpose that will leave an impact everywhere they go.

From Detroit, Mich., senior Kendall Holloway shared his journey and passion of music here at CMU.

Music has always been the key focus of his life. Since childhood, Holloway always had supportive family that pushed him to achieve great obstacles in music.

Before coming to CMU, Holloway came from a very strategic marching band at Cass Tech High School located in Detroit, Mich.

Holloway is known to be a drummer, bassist, pianist and a lead guitarist. “My friends always joked about me being my own band if I had duplicate copies of myself,” he said.

Majoring in Music, Holloway practiced at least an hour or two a day on various instruments. He is currently the music director of Christ Central Choir which is the gospel organization here at CMU.

“Playing for the choir helped me work with instruments I usually wouldn’t play on a day-to-day basis,” Holloway said.

“Before I joined, I only played piano a little bit. However, they needed a pianist and I told them I would do the best I could,” He said. “So I learned and over time I was able to pick up on songs well and it allowed me to use the skills I knew and gain new ones.”

Holloway believes CMU’s music program challenged him in a positive way. Holloway was able to gain knowledge from fellow peers and apply it to his studies.

Since enrollment at CMU, Holloway was able to perform with various artists and choirs. He also performed on Moore Media Television. Each experience gave him an outlet to be known on campus and network with more students.

Holloway aspires to be a music teacher after graduation. He believes with his knowledge of various instruments, he can help any student become a musician.

Holloway’s advice to upcoming students who are interested in the music program is to make sure they are always practicing. “Within your studies, make sure you find time to practice.”