People of Central – Nick Walker

Story by Danielle Patrick

Photo courtesy of Katie Walker

No matter what major someone pursues, it doesn’t fully define who they are. Many interests and hobbies are discovered while being away at college. Central Michigan University junior Nick Walker has a passion for cooking that he discovered when first coming to the university.

Food can be a weakness for many. The food we eat can be good or bad for us. How we pick the right foods to eat is our own obstacle.

Growing up, Walker struggled with being overweight. Coming to CMU as a freshman was a difficult transition for him when it came to figuring out the best food to eat at the dining hall.

“I then looked at myself and thought about all of the exercise equipment at CMU and the healthy meal choices at the dining hall. I wondered why am I doing this to myself,” Walker said.

Since then, Walker’s relationship with himself and with food has improved.  Walker has been working out and eating healthier meals. He has lost over 60 pounds.

“I am able to take food and turn it into something that not only I can enjoy, but other people can too,” Walker said.

Majoring in entrepreneurship, Walker would like to own a food truck business one day.

“I want to make food that people will love. It doesn’t have to be healthy food, but wholesome food,” Walker said.

Walker hopes to inspire people with his cooking and his weight loss. By eating healthier meals and working out, anyone can get to their goal weight. During his third year at CMU, Walker’s mindset has dramatically changed.

“Having a business and self-growth mindset is a big change that I have had since coming to CMU. I started to have those conversations with myself of, ‘this is where we could be, so what’s stopping us from getting there?'” Walker said.

With a bright future ahead, nothing can stop Walker from achieving his entrepreneurship dreams. Keep the slogan, “Walk-the-Walk”, in mind because it will appear again in the future.