People of Central- Raven Tipton

Story by Kiyanna Johnson

Photo Courtesy of Dan Gaken

Central Michigan University has ways for students to work where they study. Senior Raven Tipton works in the College of Health and Science as a student assistant. Her duties include office work, interacting with students and SOS packets.

“I think being a student assistant has been my favorite job on campus because it’s in a related environment,” said Tipton. 

Tipton has a major in psychology and a double-minor in youth studies and American Sign Language.

“I advise students who are studying psych to have a math class before taking PSY 211,” Tipton said. “Once you sign your major, PSY 285 is designed for research method. It gives you the understanding to write and conduct your own experiment.”

Tipton focuses more on youth studies with her major. Her classes don’t collide due to the fact that they are in the same college. This gives her an opportunity to balance her classes and work at the same time.

Her involvement with various organizations pushed her to her hobbies. Tipton also works with children’s ministry at Grace Church. The program is called Totez Church, which ranges from children two to four years old.  She works with them on crafts and activities throughout the program.

After graduation, Tipton is in search for a few graduate schools. She believes this will put her in the best position for her career. She will be studying for her masters in social work.

“Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Going from classes to work to organizations, you will be in a lot of situations that may be out of your comfort zone,” Tipton said. “It’s okay to grab help from mentors and family, as well. They can push you into seeing this until the end.”