Pimp Your Crib

A well-styled crib is obtainable if a few simple rules are kept in mind. A color theme is the most important key to a posh pad. A personalized pad is another key to a pimped pad as well as adding interest. Last, a multi-purpose pad is important, especially to the college student who has to incorporate many aspects of their life into often small spaces.

“Color is the most important part of interior decorating,” according to Interiordezine.com. When choosing a color theme, select colors that represent your personal style, inspire or make a statement about the lifestyle you live.

There are a few ways to select the optimal colors for you crib. Pantone is a color forecasting company that releases colors for each season, whether it’s for fashion or for interior decorating. Pantone.com offers book based on the forecasted colors for each season and for seasons in advance. The web site has advice and trends that can be a great place to start looking for your personal color story or inspiration. 

The color theme selected will make a statement in your pad. Based on the colors you select your crib may be seen as a study area, party spot, sports lounge or chill zone. Therefore keep in mind the mood you would like to convey when choosing your color palette.

When selecting the colors to be used in you pad keep in mind the meanings behind colors and this will also be useful when personalizing. Red, for example, is a power color and makes for a great accent.  Purple can suggest royalty or spirituality. Blue, on the other hand, is more calming and green is considered to be reminiscent of nature. Lastly, black-it’s a great neutral color that can be paired with any other color scheme to compliment for a striking effect.  Color wheels are an excellent tool when looking for the perfect shade and a complimenting color to pair with the color you select.

Adding photos to your space is another to make a space your own and create a personal and intimate space you will love to relax in.  Photos of family or friends can remind you of home and memories made, since often students are away from their home for long periods of time.

Photos of places you have traveled can inspire wonderful conversation with guests and become an interest point in any space. A great way to use photos from your voyages is assembling a collage from photos of various sizes to allow each photo its own opportunity to tell a story. Try enlarging your favorite photo by sending it to Walgreens.com.

Adding interest to your crib is truly the main ingredient to a pimped pad. Again your “interest pieces” should be personalized and make a statement of your style.  An “interest piece” could be a fun piece of furniture, such as an antique you found or was passed down from a family member-or an odd-shaped lamp that adds flair to your space. An “interest piece” could also be a painting or a form of artwork that you created, was given to you or something you find that makes you smile. Whatever the “interest piece” of your space happens to be, make sure it creates conversation and sets your crib apart from others.

The pimped pad you are working for is just about complete, so keep in mind when putting it together you still want functionality and areas needed to accomplish your everyday activities.  You can separate an open space by using different color, areas rugs, divers or screens.

Have fun while creating your personal space. Select a color theme and have fun with it. Make your area unique and allow it to communicate your own style and personality. 

GCM photos by Elodie Gerard

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