Ponder Coffee Company: Central Location

Filmed and Edited by Madison Ingalls.          Story and Photos by Cassie Wright. 

“We want to offer a memorable craft coffee experience that cultivates thoughtful engagement.”

This is what Ponder Coffee Company owner Aaron Cromar said he hopes students will feel when walking through the doors of the new South Franklin street location— right across the street from campus. 

The Ponder Coffee Company location has a minimalist feel, it’s crisp and clean. The windows are large, allowing for as much natural light as possible, giving the coffee shop a warm atmosphere. “We’re All Just Human” are the words across one of the walls, reinforcing the shop’s positive and friendly character.

Menu options include signature sandwiches named after characters from the NBC hit show, “The Office.” The menu also offers specialized waffles, including strawberries & cream, ham & cheddar and many more.

Beverage options on the menu include a variety of loose leaf teas, coffee favorites and specialty drinks.  

The Ponder Coffee Company Central location opened on Sept. 5, 2018 to the Mount Pleasant community.

“It’s really accessible to students on campus,” Ponder barista Hayley Dymond said. “People know what this location was, it used to be the Dreamer Coffee Shop, so people are really familiar with it.” 

Ponder Coffee Company’s original shop is located right in the heart of downtown Mount Pleasant on East Broadway street. It was founded in 2014 and ethically sources all of its coffee products. 

At the downtown location seating is available indoors and outside. The brick walls that dawn the name of the company give the coffee shop a rustic and warm feeling. Lighting here is lower and brings a relaxed mood to the building.  

Whether you’re looking for a place to study, meeting up with friends or want to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee, Ponder Coffee Company will feel like home to students and the Mount Pleasant community.