Pringles and MTVU bring the Kings

S-Curve Records’ “We the Kings” called Finch Field House its castle Sunday night. Central Michigan University students listened to what some critics say is one of the most promising bands around.

It’s been an exciting year for the “powerpunk” band, which included being nominated for the “Best New Artist” award by MTV.

“It was a great honor to be nominated with artists like Lady Gaga and Paramore, and it’s always nice to be noticed for hard work,” lead singer, Travis Clark said.

Clark also plans to enjoy the band’s three-week college tour.

“There’s a different dynamic when you play a college town,” Clark said.

Along with band mates Hunter and Drew Thomsen and Danny Duncan, Clark is trying to enjoy the ride.

“As part of a really cool charity, we’re going to play shows in Singapore, Jakarta, and the Philippines,” Clark said.

Clark finds it easy working with the band, who met each other while attending middle school in Bradenton, Florida.

“They’re like my brothers. The only things we fight about are video games and ice cream Snickers,” Clark said laughingly.

The only downside for Clark is being away from home for long periods of time.

“I wish I could spend more time with family and friends. Time flies when you’re traveling to a new city every night,” Clark said.

The band has found one way to stay in touch with home.

“We’ve been following the Tampa Bay Rays in the playoffs, and they have always been really supportive of us,” Clark said.