Q&A with Chippewa Basketball Star John Simons

John Simons is one of Central Michigan University’s starting forwards on the men’s basketball team. Among his many contributions to the team this year, this Cadillac junior was named 2014 Academic All-MAC, and this year he was honored to the 2015 MAC All-Tournament team, as well as 2015 Third Team All-MAC.

Grand Central had a chance to sit down with Simons to find out a little more about this 6’5″ athlete and how he has helped advance the team so far.

Grand Central: Can you explain your experiences at CMU the past three years?

John Simons: I have loved Central, it has been absolutely great. It went from a second home to more of a first.

GC: What got you started in basketball?

JS: My family is very big into basketball. My dad played college basketball and as well as my brother at Drake College.

GC: When did you realize you could play at the collegiate level?

JS: I always strove for the collegiate level, but when I noticed I was 6’5” as a freshman in high school – I really put my mind to it.

GC: What do you think your best quality is as a basketball player?

JS: Shooting. I have been really been able to work on my shooting game since I have been here and the coaches have done a great job training me as well.

GC: Can you describe your experience with the team the last three years?

JS: There are six people who have been here for three years, including myself, and we have all seen the team at its worst, but we’ve also seen it grow a lot since then.

GC: What do you do with your time when you aren’t in class or on the court?

JS: I love to be outdoors, doing things like fishing.

GC: What are your plans after your career at CMU is done?

JS: I am working on my college degree – but I don’t count out basketball as an option.