The Meaning behind a Student Crafting Colorful Creations

Story by Hailee Kaske
Photos by Kayde Hambaum

Raelynn Jewison, an art education student at Central Michigan University is passionate about creativity and artwork. She creates 2D art, mainly focusing on drawing and painting, but has recently ventured into business with her creative talents.img_8218-2

Branching Out with Artistic Endeavors
Jewison started to notice the wrap necklaces at live music events, but never thought she could make necklaces like the ones she saw. Now, she makes necklaces and jewelry to sell and give as gifts to the people she loves.

Jewison started her online Etsy shop, Peace of Art Designs, in December 2015. She has been successful in selling her art and creating a clientele online.

“Just like any business you need to gain popularity and clientele. I always try to advertise myself by going to events, posting online and handing out business cards to people I meet,” Jewison said.

She believes her craft reflects her whimsical and unique personality. She loves to include a lot of color in her work and that is what makes it different. Jewison said she wants people to appreciate her art’s simplicity, and she likes to have people think of her when they look at her art.img_8287-3

“It’s just so beautiful that humans can see color the way we do, so I like to incorporate that into my art as well.”

Citing Her Main Inspirations
Jewison gets inspiration from nature, people she loves and music and paints to some of her favorite tunes. Jewison has many different types of favorite music, however, there is some music that holds a significance in her life.

Her dad is a huge inspiration in her life, she recalls memories of him playing classic rock and jazz music growing up. His positive attitude has inspired her throughout the years.img_8221

“I grew up listening to classic rock and jazz my whole life. It has a special place in my heart because my dad used to play it growing up and ever since then I have listened to it.”

Jewison also loves experimental EDM music and alternative music. Classical music and alternative music inspire her when making her artwork.

“Everybody should peruse some sort of art in their lives. I think it’s just an amazing therapeutic outlet, and you will surprise yourself with what you can do. There’s no good art and there’s no bad art, the essence of art is just to create.”