REACH Wants You!

(Photo courtesy of Central Michigan University Career Services)

Tori Stevens likes to talk. Or rather, she likes to inform. As the Assistant Director of CMU Career Services, she’s on a mission to advise students about their career and professional options. And she’d like students to do the talking by participating in the service’s newest program, REACH. 

The name is a mouthful. Recognizing Educational Aspirations and Career Horizons, more commonly known as REACH, specializes in resume and cover letter editing, career exploration and mock interviews. It was introduced by Career Services in 2009 as a way to expand students understanding of the personal and professional resources available to them through the university. It’s grown into one of the largest volunteer peer-to-peer advising organizations in the nation. And while its number of advisors has increased from eight to thirty-seven in the past year, the next step is recruiting student participants.

“Our goal is to create awareness early on with students,” says Stevens. “You shouldn’t wait until you’re a senior in college to focus on yourself professionally.”

For the past year Stevens has also played a  role in giving REACH an organizational facelift–ensuring the program is both educational and fun. Peer-to-peer interactions through the use of student volunteers helps create a less intimidating environment. REACH plans on offering workshops this fall, like a “Mock Interview Day” that will happen in November. Much like speed dating, it will give students a chance to sharpen their interview skills and dull their nerves. But while this effort toward career development sounds good on paper, REACH still faces the obstacle of attracting students to its Ronan offices.

“This year we’re focused on bringing REACH to the students,” said Stevens.

Working closely with Residence Life and other registered student organizations, Stevens wants advisors and campus leaders to recommend REACH to students. Presenting the program’s benefits during First Year Experience class sessions, RSO weekly meetings and in dorm hall counsels will give students a heads up in the programs benefits. Whether it’s editing their images or resumes, the program stresses the need to start the polishing now.

REACH wants to diminish the excuses students typically use to avoid working on self-branding and their professional future. Using Stevens and her team of advisors, students can map out their route to success. And it might even be fun.


Where to find REACH:

R.E.A.C.H Peer Advising

Ronan 240


Walk-In Hours for Resume and Cover Letter Critique

Monday through Thursday- 1:00- 4:30 pm

Tuesday through Friday- 9:30-11:30am

Mock Interview

Reserve your time slot through eRecruiting