RPL Professor gives back

Luanne E. Goffnett is more than a professor — she is a humanitarian. As a professor, mother and residence hall director, many would add the title “superwoman” to this list because she juggles countless activities everyday.

Goffnett is best known as a teacher in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services (RPL) and the residence hall director of Barnes Hall. However, she is also involved in a long list of other activities.

On top of being a mother of six, three of which are triplets, Goffnett is the creator of the Public Service Residential Community (PSRC) and advisor of Circle K. Goffnett is passionate about volunteerism and gives much of her time to the community of Mount Pleasant as a regular face at her church, advises the Builders Club, and is a Girl Scout Troop Leader.

Close to her heart is the Orphanage Outreach (OO), a non-profit organization based in South America that works to improve youth education and poverty. In her work with the organization, Goffnett was part of a lead team scouting a new location in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Goffnett was concerned by the area’s lack of daycare, which forced many parents to leave their children in unusual places while they went to work.

“Parents would leave their babies in hammocks with bananas for the day,” Goffnett said.

Goffnett and husband Chris have a “20/20 vision” where they plan to move to South America by 2020 and be fully self-sustained missionaries, hopefully working with OO.

“We volunteer as a family to address the issue of poverty,” Goffnett said.

Along with volunteerism, sustainability is one of Goffnett’s passions. As a mother, Goffnett strives to teach her children how to better the planet.

For the family’s 2009 New Year’s resolution, the Goffnetts stopped using disposable items such as plates, cups and napkins. In 2010, to expand on their resolution, the family resolved to buy organic animal products such as meat and dairy. This summer the family also joined Green Tree Co-Op grocery and switched from their van to a car.

Health is also important to the family. Goffnett and her husband Chris bike and walk wherever they can and even all six children walk to and from school, rain or shine.

“Youth today does not get enough activity because there are so many conveniences,” Goffnett said.
Goffnett said she lives her life for a better tomorrow and makes strides to impact the lives of as many people as she possibly can.

Rebecca Wissman, a Residential Advisor at Barnes Hall, works with Goffnett on a daily basis and has noticed her enthusiasm.

“My favorite thing about working with Luanne is that she is passionate and determined when it comes to her involvements. She loves what she does and everyone knows it,” Wissman said. “I think a lot of this has to do with the amount of effort and dedication she puts forth in just about everything she does.”


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    good friend

    I believe Orphanage Outreach is based in Arizona, but to my knowledge the main location this non-profit works with is located in Monte Christi, Dominican Republic. If I am correct the Goffnett 20/20 vision is to move to the Dominican Republic.

    I would say Luanne Goffnett is a major inspiration to anyone who knows her, and if you ask her what she thinks she would simply smile and say, “anyone can be an inspiration, just find something you’re passionate about and do what you can to make a difference.”

    thank you lu for opening doors to my life that no one else would. the impact you have made on my life cannot be measured

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