RSO Spotlight: Central Paws

Story and photo by Alayna Fiel

Central Paws is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at Central Michigan University that volunteers, forms close-knit bonds and provides activism within the animal-loving community.

Central Paws is a collaborative student group that works to provide members with information about a variety of animals as well as many volunteer opportunities such as working with the Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) of Mt. Pleasant, the Midland Animal Shelter and more.

“Our advisor has a farm that the old E-board members would go to and volunteer with the horses, or help with her dogs, stuff like that,” Central Paws President Stacy Buckholz said. “She’s kinda older and needs the help on the farm.”

Most importantly, this group gives students who are passionate about animals a community to learn from and share their experiences with, like Membership Coordinator and CMU freshman Kaitlyn Bailey.

“I wanted to join to make friends on campus that enjoy animals the way I do and have that special connection with people that share my love for animals,” Bailey said. “You learn new things about different types of animals, some you may have never heard of.”

Central Paws also emphasizes the importance of taking care of your mental and emotional well-being with the help of animals. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) may help alleviate some of the hardships students may experience, especially while at college.

Freshman Shiloh Torres, the group’s new Treasurer, shares her experience registering her ESA, Milo, on campus.

“Going through the ESA process was a very big struggle,” Torres said. “Central doesn’t really explain everything on the website […]it’s a lot easier than anyone really says, the resources out there are really complicated to read and do not state anything right.”

Torres explained how she wants to make it easier for people to get an ESA through Central Paws. She said the program is meant to help students and believes anyone should have an ESA if makes them feel better mentally and emotionally.

If Central Paws feels like the right student organization for you, you can get to know the group members more through their Instagram or at one of their social/volunteer events.

If readers would like more information on registering your ESA on campus, contact Central Paws with any questions or concerns.



Facebook: Central Paws – Home

Instagram: @centralpawscmu

Phone: 231-675-7200