Seniors Give Advice as they Approach Graduation

In just a couple of weeks, filled with papers, presentations and exams, the class of 2015 will be exiting the campus of Central Michigan University, and dare we say it, stepping into new roles in the coined term “real life.”

As you can imagine, after spending four, five and sometimes six years at CMU, these upcoming graduates have experienced the ups, downs and everything in between that go along with college.

And, here’s what they think you should know.

Attend Class

Although this advice may seem common sense to must students, CMU’s campus has been known for it’s party hard or go home mentality, sometimes occurring during the week.

“Go to class, even when you don’t feel like it. Guarantee you’ll miss a lot of useful information skipping class, especially if you’re starting out in upper-level classes. You have to be responsible and put your classes first,” senior Jordan Osborne said.

Gain Experience in Your Field

Having a degree under your belt is just the first step to landing your dream job. Today, employers are looking for people with even more experience than a bachelor’s degree.

“I have had three internships, all of which has helped me build my resume and introduce me to professional people within my field. It’s the connections that you make now that will help you later in your career,” Osborne said.

“CMU has many opportunities available that allow you to build a network, if you are willing to put the work in.”

Get to Know Your Professors

Believe it or not, your professors want to help you succeed. Getting to know your instructor allows them to help you have a successful semester in their class.

“Make personal connections with your professors.I have a few professors who wrote letters of recommendations for me and who are helping me find a job after graduation. Take that extra step and go to the office hours. It’s more than beneficial in the end.” senior Katy Short said.

Always Be Prepared

It’s important to plan ahead when approaching graduation. When job searching you have to be prepared for what they will ask you and what they are looking for.

“I have done a lot to make to sure that I am prepared for the professional world. I have been to our campus career fair, and after different businesses have emailed me about my future. I have also went to mock interviews to help sharpen my skills for the hiring process.” Short said.

Be Ready to Move On

Attending CMU has fostered friendships and a sense of community that is hard to find on another campus. It may be frightening to think that you will be graduating college and moving on with your life.

But at least you can say goodbye to those long nights in the library!

“I think I am nervous … I’m leaving the structure of what I’m used to and entering a whole new world. I am going to miss how welcoming our campus is and the upbeat atmosphere that people give off,” Short said.

“Right now it’s love and hate, I can’t wait to graduate but at the same time I know I’ve gotten used to the college lifestyle.”