Shows We Wish we were apart of

Have you ever wanted to be apart of a great, wierd, fun, creative, or well written tv show? Here are a few that won awards and never ceased to amaze its audience.
Icarly, from the quirky gadgets, strange food combinations, and yes even the pear phone, who wouldn’t die to be on this show? The creative web shows where the audience’s weird curiosities are tested is what made this show very unique. Even down to the insanely creative sculptures in which one of the main characters, spencer, created or how things would randomly catch on fire is every weird person’s ideas put into one show that I’m sure a lot of us wish we were a part of.
Keeping up with the Kardashians have its perks as well. Who wouldn’t want to live in an amazingly gorgeous house, with a group of some of the most fun, craziest, weirdest and not to mention closest families in California? Born into the spotlight on Hollywood where everything is promised to you just because of your last name! Sure there are hundreds maybe thousands of paps out there awaiting to take a photo of you but like they say “any publicity is good publicity.” Your career can simply be based on making appearances and being on the cover of magazines because people are interested in everything you do. If you decided that you wanted to start your own clothing line or make your own fragrance, the brand is yours!
Jersey shore was probably the easiest, all expenses paid job anyone could ever ask for. You have all of the perks of saying and doing literally anything that you wanted on that show without any limits. You want to start a fight without getting seriously hurt? The MTV crew will break it up way quicker than you can call for Steve wilkos. This show was a great opportunity to build your brand and acquire the same audience as LMFAO. There are also opportunities to change your brand as one of the main characters, Snooki, did when she announced that she was pregnant with her baby boy; bringing in the other half of the audience that didn’t favor the show in the first place.
Another California family was the fresh prince of Belair. You have an amazing cast who are now, according to the show, considers you to be a family member. You have your two adult siblings Carlton and Hilary, cousin will, your more than likely compatible in age sister Ashley, sarcastic butler Jeffrey, mother Vivian, and good old uncle phil. Not to mention you get to watch him throw out family friend jazz. This show gives everyone an insight of what it is like to take a normal kid and introduce them to quote on quote “the good life.”
Have anyone ever wanted to be a voice actor on a really good show? If asked, family guy would be the perfect match for us all. There are a variety of characters to choose from that could either fit or not fit your personality. If there are any celebrities out there that you wanted to bash on, if the joke is constructed properly, you could do that! The goal of the show is to make the audience laugh as much as possible in a time frame of 30 minutes.
Gossip girl was one of the most intriguing shows ever to hit TV that was made specifically for girls. There was at least one girl on the show that I’m sure every girl could relate to. The insight on the Upper East Side life really put into perspective how much we like to watch TV, because watching other people go through dramatic scenes in their life could make us appreciate ours a lot more. As far as acting goes, being a part of the devious schemes that were developed by the six main characters are really fun, eccentric but yet exciting! Putting someone back in their place and not letting them feel like they could be apart of your world is what being a mean girl/gossip girl is all about, showing girls what they are really like on the other side.
All of these shows have one thing in common, it had a lot of viewers that were willing o take their job!