Skinny pants and a fresh pair of vans

The newest trend for men is common among college students. Get the scoop on how to follow this popular trend and all the items you need to complete your look.

Trends in clothing have been through many changes throughout recent years.

Nowadays, people are willing to wear anything to keep up with what’s “in”.

This new trend started developing within the past seven years when guys began to wear skinny jeans, 59/50 hats, band shirts, Vans slippers and flannel shirts. These new threads bring up a new category in the fashion sense that is typically labeled as the “post-hardcore genre”.

There are specific types of clothing to ensure that you are dealing with someone of this genre. Chris Crimmins, a sports studies junior, takes part in showing off his crispy clothes.

“I’ve always worn 59/50’s and tried to keep them looking fresh,” Crimmins said.

Crimmins said he never wears skinny jeans because he doesn’t find them to be comfortable.

“Dressing this way isn’t really about making a statement,” Crimmins said. “It’s more about showing support to your favorite bands.”

In response to his band T-shirts, this nationwide sensation has been taking over because of the new development in bands that have been rising up over the past ten years. Bands such as August Burns Red, Dance Gavin Dance, A Day to Remember, We Came As Romans and many others show their support to the new looks.

Lead singer of Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig, is always rocking a new hat with the tightest jeans possible.

If you’ve never witnessed someone of this nature, there are a couple of objects that you should be able to find when seeing a post-hardcore outfit. The person is typically wearing a 59/50 hat (the team usually being Detroit); some sort of band or skateboarding t-shirt, in the winter months it would more than likely be a nice flannel, as well as a fresh pair of slipper shoes or any other type of skateboarding shoes.

While not mandatory, but always easy to spot is the utility clip. A utility clip is essential for going to shows (concerts) with.

This genre isn’t always about what you wear; it is also about what you are willing to do to your own body. Gauges in the ears are very common to find on most true hardcore kids (earrings that widen your earlobes).

Tattoos and beards also define how brutal and hardcore you are as well. Typically, the bigger the beard, the more badass you are.

The same goes for tattoos, the more the better.

The last element to finishing off your hardcore outfit is a pair of skinny jeans. While many argue that they look ridiculous, others believe that it’s a lot easier to move around and slam-dance at shows.

Skinny jeans aren’t the main element to the outfit, but it will make you stand out a lot more. Typically people won’t mess with you at shows because if you can fit into the pants, you can usually fight pretty well also.