SOUND OFF: Camouflage Print

It’s a term typically associated with hiding or blending in with something. But for this fall season, camouflage print can be seen as a growing fashion trend among students.

When looking to buy camouflage print clothing, don’t be worried about lack of color choices. Camouflage comes in a variety of colors this season, whether it’s your typical go-to shades of green or more fun colors like gray, pink or orange. Whatever your style, you’ll be sure to find a color that best suits you.

While camouflage may be a popular print for some, not everyone wants to wear something that is typically known as a way to blend in with everything else. When asked about camouflage print, students had a variety of things to say.

“I like camouflage because I am hunter,” senior Darcy Buchoz said. “When done right, I think it can be fashionable, like if it’s one article of clothing versus an entire outfit.”



Sophomore Chris Koziara didn’t have much preference for the print, but said there is a particular season it seems more fit to wear.

“I think it’s alright if worn in the fall,” Koziara said.

“I don’t really find it fashionable,” she said. “When it’s worn it’s more to be comfy, not dressed. I guess it has been made more fashionable by including pink, which I find cute, but don’t personally wear.” – Sophomore Katilyn Halula

“I’d wear it, but not a whole outfit,” he said. “When I see people wearing camouflage, it’s usually camouflage shorts with Chuck Taylors. It can really be worn with anything.” – Sophomore Dion Johnson 

“If it’s colored camouflage then it’s OK,” Moon said. “Regular camouflage is OK too, but I know sometimes people get mad if others are wearing something like an ‘Army’ shirt and it’s not camouflage.” -Freshman Michael Moon

Photo | Kyle Wilson, Staff Photographer