Squirrels of Central


I love fall. It’s my favorite season, and its perfect sweater weather. Plus it’s the time when coffee shops are serving pumpkin spice nuts, its my favorite fall snack.

Mia, 21, Studying Art History


CMU has the best food. I love eating in the dining halls, and my meal plan is awesome so I can nibble on snacks at any time of the day. There’s nuttin’ like it!

Theo, 23, Studying Dietetics



This is my favorite tree to hammock in. The weather is still nice enough that I can chill outside and listen to some music while relaxing in my hammock with friends, it’s nuts!

Nate, 21, Studying Environmental Sciences


I know the latest gossip and news on all of the goings-on at CMU.

-xoxo, Gossip Squirrel

Jess, 18, currently undecided major


“One of my favorite parts of Central is the campus. I love that I can just relax in between classes and eat lunch in any tree or bush.”

Lance, 19, Studying Philosophy