Staff Picks: Favorite Halloween Activities

Becky Particka – Editor-in-chief 

My favorite Halloween activity is dressing up! Since I was little, I always try to make my own costumes. My favorite costume in recent memory was a flamingo. I thrifted a fuzzy pink sweatshirt and I used pink felt to turn a plain masquerade mask into a flamingo face. 

Jenna Spanola – Multimedia Editor 

My favorite Halloween activity is watching scary movies! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I enjoy everything spooky and scary! I enjoy sitting on the couch with a blanket and some popcorn watching either Scream or NOPE by Jordan Peele. Genuinely I love a lot of horror/thriller movies but, those two are my favorites currently. 

Elizabeth Robinson – Reporter 

My favorite Halloween activity is doing Halloween/fall activities. Haunted Houses, haunted mazes, apple picking, and watching scary movies; as long as I get to do them with my friends.