Starbucks comes with mixed reviews from students

Since the beginning of fall semester, students at Central Michigan University have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Starbucks in the Bovee Center. 

Since its grand opening, the traffic in and out of the coffee chain has been heavy and students certainly have been taking advantage of the new hot spot.

Sophomore Stephanie Kilian of Dearborn has always been a fan of the Starbucks chain and believes that this may be the best addition to the campus in quite some time.

“Having a Starbucks on campus is so convenient,” she said. “The location is perfect for students who are studying and it gives our campus a needed boost of energy. It’s definitely something that we’ve been missing.”

The employees already have a reputation of being friendly, polite and willing to give suggestions to new customers who are unsure of what to order.

Jackson junior Alyssa Harris said she found the employees to be eccentric and welcoming.

“I really enjoy going to the Starbucks on campus because the workers are so friendly. Every time I go there the workers are so quick and efficient. I recommend going to this Starbucks more than the others just because of its friendly atmosphere,” Harris said.

Although most students are enthusiastic about the addition, one student said Starbucks isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

“(Starbucks) can take away a lot of business from local coffee shops like Kaya and University Cup because people don’t want to walk all the way there to get it. In reality, the coffee at local places is better and cheaper, but people are all about convenience,” said Alma freshman Neil Rosan.

Sophomore Emily Huckabone tends to lean toward getting Starbucks, but not necessarily due to the taste or quality.

“Starbucks is convenient because I don’t have to use actual money, but if it wasn’t for flex dollars, I would probably go to Kaya or University Cup over Starbucks because of the prices,” said the Brighton sophomore.

Whether Starbucks is popular due to the brand name, the environment, the taste or the convenience, the chain certainly has the attention of students on campus.