Student Style Spotlight: Hats for the Holidays

Story by Audriana Chenoweth 

With the holiday season around the corner and winter weather here, Central Michigan University student, sophomore Alex Heinemann, styles her hats for the holidays.

Heinemann styles four of her favorite hats that she enjoys wearing around the holiday season.

Q: What are your favorite items to pair with a hat?

A: My favorite item to pair with a hat would probably be a pair of leggings, a sweater or sweatshirt of some sort and a beanie. Comfort and simplicity are sort of my go to.

Q: Is there a particular way you prefer to style a beanie compared to a baseball cap?

A: With a beanie, I like to have my hair down and free, but for a baseball cap I like to have two braids.

Q: What is something you love about wearing hats?

 A: Something I love about wearing hats is that I don’t have to do anything with my hair to get ready for the day. Just part my hair into two parts and put my hat on! Very simple and looks decent.

Q: Have you always been a fan of hats?

A: I have always been a fan of beanies and only recently have I become a fan of baseball caps.

Q: What is your favorite hat to wear during the holidays?

A: I’ve worn the Amsterdam beanie the most just because it’s the oldest one I have. But I recently bought a white beanie that I really love, and I know it’s going to be my favorite soon enough.

Q: Do any of your hats have a story to go along with them?

A: All of my hats have a story actually. The Amsterdam one is from my ex who lives in the Netherlands and bought it for me. The white beanie and the black beanie are the first hats I ever bought for Black Friday!