Student Style Spotlight – Maddie Morley

Story by Olivia Kotowski

Photos courtesy of Maddie Morley

Photo courtesy of Maddie Morley

What better way to express yourself than through fashion? Central Michigan University sophomore Maddie Morley couldn’t agree more.

Fashion, style and accessorizing are just a few of Morley’s favorite ways to showcase and reflect her fun-loving personality.

“I like to curate my style to what I personally find cute,” Morley said.

She chooses to dress herself in clothing and accessories that she likes as opposed to what the current trends might be.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Morley

“I would describe my style as cute, sleek and playful,” Morley said confidently.

Her favorite article of clothing is her quilted jacket. She said that she hardly leaves the house without one of her trusty hair scarves wrapped around her blonde ponytail.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Morley

Though there are endless boutiques and secret little holes-in-the-wall to shop at for fashion lovers, Morley much prefers the simpler stores.

“My favorite place to shop in Mount Pleasant is TJ Maxx, of course,” Morley said.

As a self-proclaimed “sucker for hidden gems,” you can often find Morley wandering the endless aisles of Goodwill, too.

Whether it’s a bouncy, playful getup or a polished, put-together outfit, Morley likes to shine through her choices in clothing. Some of her biggest style icons range from Kourtney Kardashian to Jackie Kennedy. But most of all, she takes inspiration from herself.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Morley