Student Style Spotlight: Olivia Paulson

Story and photos by Riley Connell

Style is unique and personal to any individual who dresses themselves on a daily basis. A meticulously selected outfit can display one’s personality at a glance.

For sophomore Olivia Paulson, her style is meant to display a cool and edgy comfort with a little bit of Chippewa pride thrown in the mix.

Paulson posing in her dorm, Emmons Hall, Room 115.

The tube top that Paulson is wearing in the photo above is from a boutique called Duo Studio Designs located at 2929 S Isabella Rd. in Mount Pleasant.

Nearly all of Paulson’s clothing is purchased secondhand from thrift stores and resale shops. She takes pride in knowing that the ensemble she’s sporting is 100% her own and isn’t your standard off-the-rack clothing item from American Eagle.

“I love going thrifting and repurposing other stuff,” Paulson said. “I love taking shirts and cropping them and making them my own. I like unique pieces.”

Some common stores that Paulson can be found shopping in are the Salvation Army and Goodwill, and on the rare occasion, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

Actress Blake Lively is Paulson’s most prominent style influencer.

“I love Blake Lively because she can wear anything,” said Paulson. Whenever she is questioning her outfit choice for the day, Paulson thinks about the brave fashion choices that Lively makes every day, and it pushes her to make riskier style choices.

“I don’t like going into a typical store like American Eagle and buying their ‘trendy’ shirt off the rack,” Paulson said.

The eclectic sweater that Paulson is posing in was originally purchased by her dad when he jokingly asked her if she wanted to wear it. To his surprise, it was just what his daughter was looking to add to her wardrobe.