Student Style Spotlight: Saying More by Doing Less with Drew Forrest

Central Michigan University’s campus serves as a runway for the everyday fashion lover. Forget magazines and paparazzi shots – the real style icons can be spotted walking to class.

Sterling Heights sophomore Drew Forrest allows his personality to shine through by keeping his wardrobe basic.

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Starting Fresh

Growing up in house of women, Forrest was constantly surrounded by style fanatics and trips to the mall. Like most of us, he spent his middle school days rocking Hollister and Abercrombie.

Transitioning into high school, Forrest discovered Zumiez, a store geared towards skater fashion. At this point in his life, his day-to-day look consisted of an Obey brand T-shirt, skinny jeans and Vans.

“Whenever I had a style, I would literally clear my closet out from what I used to have and just started from scratch,” Forrest said.

As a college student, Forrest tries to save his money and make shopping trips an annual event. His go-to stores are H&M, Kohl’s and other oddity shops.

“When I go shopping it’s for a purpose. I have an idea in my head of what I want to look like and dress like,” Forrest said.

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Plain White Tee

His old collection of logo tees has been happily replaced with a few basic pieces.

“This year I only bought black and white T-shirts that are plain,” Forrest shared.

The basis of all of his outfits consist of monochromatic Hanes t-shirts. A quiet foundation forces people to see beyond his clothing and really get to know him.

Forrest says he believes that shoes say a lot about who you are. Walking to class you can catch him in Vans or a pair of Timberlands.

“I think shoes are extremely important to what you’re wearing. I’ve seen people with a great outfit with some worn out running shoes, and it just ruins the whole [outfit],” Forrest said.

Every morning, Forrest’s main priority is getting his hair done. It is the most important part of his routine.

The inspiration for his do came from Brad Pitt’s look in Fury: shaved sides with a slicked back top. After hours of research on the Internet, Forrest showed his hair stylist a photo of Pitt and committed to the cut.

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Less is More 

When stepping out for the day, Forrest always makes sure his look is polished. Often times he’ll pair a watch with a simple outfit. The accessory serves as the focal point of the ensemble.

“I don’t ever go out in an outfit that I don’t like,” Forrest said.

With the elimination of the glory days graphic tees and Hollister logos from his wardrobe, Forrest is a new man. To end our interview, he summed up his style with one phrase:

“Trying to say more by doing less.”

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Photos by Hailey Polidori