Style spotlight: Short hair

Grand Rapids sophomore Caitlin Saganski

We’ve all been there: those mornings with hours spent in the bathroom trying to figure out what to do with your hair. You leave it down, it doesn’t look right. You pull it back into a ponytail, and yet you are still dissatisfied.

Maybe you’re just having a bad hair day. Or maybe you are in need of a change. Ever considered going short?

Though it may be intimidating, a new hairstyle can give you a newfound sense of self, and, let’s face it — it’s exciting to try new things. Many girls at CMU have taken the plunge into the world of the pixie cut and the bob.

Ohio junior Erin Schultz has always had short hair.

“I tried to grow my hair out once, and that lasted about a week before I decided to cut it again,” she said.

Grand Rapids sophomore Caitlin Saganski has gone back and forth between long and short hair.

“I cut it after my senior year of high school, let it grow out, and then I cut it again before coming back to school this year,” she said.

When asked why she decided to cut it, Saganski said, “I was tired of having long hair and short hair is just easier.”

Both of these students say there is not much styling involved in creating their dos; they basically let their hair fall naturally and from there it’s good to go. This is good news for those of us who have difficulties styling our hair.

There are also many products available to aid in the styling process. The Manipulator, produced by Bed Head, is good for sculpting and shaping hair. Garnier Fructis strong hold gel is good for keeping bangs and other loose ends in place.

Both Schultz and Saganski shared a bit of advice for those considering cutting their hair short.

“Go for it! Try something different. It’s just hair and it’ll grow back in a month anyway,” Schultz said.

Saganski offered a similar suggestion.

“If that is what you want to do, then go for it. There are many different styles for different face shapes.”

If you are considering going short, there are many different styles and cuts to suit your facial features as well as the shape and proportions of your face. Be bold and daring and try it out. If the short hairstyle isn’t for you, well, then you know. The question here is not if you should cut it — the question is why should you not?



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